Thursday, January 26, 2012

Onto more "challenged" Pinterst boards

Well, today I'm going all out with this test.  Yesterday I added boards that would probably appeal to the general world.  Let's call them "sexy" topics.  Let's see how they are doing:
Now onto today.  I added some decidedly "non-sexy" (by some opinions) boards.  I not only had to see how they would do, but also I was quite curious as to where people "repinned" them.  Some of these boards might even make people wonder.
  •  Duck Harvet Survey - ohhh, this one is for ducks that we actually harvested on our property!  I'm thinking of using it to track wildlife survey's -
I think I'll let this sit over the weekend and see what happens.  I have no idea how things are found, and how they make it to the various "popular" boards.  Let's check back on Tuesday with some more results.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Still Experimenting with Pinterest for Outreach

I'm having a lot of fun with this experiment.  Is that because I like this idea or I'm in love with Pinterest?  Who knows!  It wasn't long at all before I had repins, and then follows, on topics that my CoP follows.  I'm getting a feel for how this can be currated.  I tried several links back to CoP articles.  This underscored the utility of photos.  It was nice to have one to pin with the information.  I also tried to make sure to give attribution to authors for things I pinned that were from others posts/blogs.  Here's the boards so far..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pinterest for CoPs?

I'm wondering if CoPs can take advantage of Pinterest to share things that both the CoI and the CoP might be interested in?  We come across things that might benefit our client but we might not store these in our own systems because who has the time to keep up with all the links that you like and then try to store all the things that your client may benefit from?

Delicious can be great for keeping track of resources, reading materials ect.   I like the idea of Pinterest to be able to pin visual things that you tend to share other ways (such as Twitter).  For example, if you want to share ideas with clients about rain water harvesting can you set up a Pinterest board with examples of rainbarrels?  It might make it easy to share those, as well as collaborate with others on capturing good resources.

The Pinterest listed on my profile here is an example of that.  I set it up with my eXtension ID account and started pinning things that relate to the CoPs I am in.

Here's my sample: