Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Help! My Users Are Not Seeing My Post in the Facebook News Feed

Pages feed on the left hand side of your FB news feedAre you wondering why your Facebook Pages are not being seen in the general news feed? Facebook has been changing it's algorithm again since September of 2012 that dictates what and how your Pages show up in the general news feed. Why (which really means WHAT! Not AGAIN)? It looks like there is an effort to meet both the business needs of Facebook and also the user needs. Facebook tries to deliver the information in your news feed that is most important to you. Therefore, supposedly, what you see in your news feed is Pages and people that you interact with most. That kind of makes sense.

Your news feed can get cluttered fast by the sheer volume of posts. Therefore, if you were to create an automated management of your news feed, you most likely would see things that are your favorites. The somewhat annoying thing is that Facebook manages that for you in ways that you may not want.

There are a few things that you can do (or ways to promote to your followers) that will insure that your pages are seen in the news feed. If what matters is interaction, your strategy should lean towards promoting more interaction on your posts that you put on your Pages. It's not enough for people to read them, what ACTION did they take as a result? Did they "like" it? Did they "share" it. More action on your posts (and therefore your Page) means a higher probability that your Page will show up in the general news feed of your followers. A helpful article from the Kansas City Business Journal - by Kate McKinney and Kiran Ross "Maximize Your Facebook Content to Stay in News Feeds" has some great tips on ways to increase the probability that your Pages show up for your followers.

Some ways to help your posts (and to help others that you follow) is to do some simple things:
  • Like your updates as "you" - not the page 
  • Take a good look at your posts - what do people like? 
  • Be visual, people tend to like and share more with visual posts (add a picture for goodness sake!) 
  • ASK your followers to SHARE and LIKE. 
(If you are wondering what you yourself are currently missing, look at the left hand column in YOUR news feed and click the "Pages" flag to see what posts the posts are from the Pages you are subscribed to).
Adopting an action oriented methodology isn't surprising, as the sheer volume of information grows, your strategy will need to grow with it.  Taking a good look at your insights (found on the Pages you admin) which will help you post better updates, post at better times for your clients, and increase the probability that your Pages will be seen in your users news feeds.