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Many of the online platforms I develop are used to teach, learn, and practice methods and techniques for social engagement.  These are the places where I have examples and research taking place.  Feel free to visit them, and share you input or join in the ongoing experiments.  You will notice I have multiple presences on these platforms, that is because I am testing different uses and techniques.

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Trinity Waters - Outreach of TrinityWaters. Developed to serve public and private citizens in the Trinity River basin watershed.  Goal of the project is to inform, engage, and promote natural resource best practices for managing the watershed.  Desired outcomes - increase in the knowledge base of citizens, advocacy of best practices, capacity building of constituents.  

Feral Hogs - supports outreach and eduction about issues surrounding invasive Feral Hogs across the United States.  Platform for outreach and education.  Functions in connection with Feral Hog Community of Practice on eXtension

eXGeospatial - Collaborative outreach page serving the Map@Syst Community of Practice on eXtension.  Group administration example. 


aggie94_amy - example of a mix of personal and advocacy 

eXGeospatial -  Professional community of practice focused on education and outreach about geospatial technologies.  Tied to Map@Syst Community of Practice on eXtension.

TxIRNR - Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources.  Outreach for the Institute.  Contributes to outreach and education of land, water, wildlife.  

Trinity Waters - Outreach of TrinityWaters.  Focus' on watershed management practices, news, information, and events related to watershed management.

Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources - Developed to inform staff, faculty, researchers, and partners on emerging issues in Natural Resources.  Intent is to inform and link to relevant content to help identify future issues and areas where the Institute can participate.  

Dunes Sagebrush Lizard - Developed to capture news and media related to the pre-listing of this candidate species.  Target audience is small workgroup who work across the state and state boarders.  Information vehicle to capture media mentions.  

Prescribed Fire - Designed to capture educational, science, and media mentions on the use of prescribed fire in natural resource management.  Intent is to educate and inform multi-state collaborative on content and materials that can be used in programming and local management.

eXAmyEHays - Developed as a training and research account.  This Pin account demonstrates an example of an "outrearch" pin presence.  This account is also used to look at emerging trends and statistics that can be analyzed to increase reach.  

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